Message from the Chair

Message from the Chairperson

Message from the 4th Chair (2017-2018)
Viet Nam Debt and Asset Trading Corporation
(Viet Nam)

Mr. Le Hoang Hai
Viet Nam Debt and Asset Trading Corporation

First of all, on behalf of Vietnam Debt and Asset Trading Corporation, I would like to extend my warmest welcome and greetings to all of you who show keen interest in International Public AMC Forum IPAF.

Secondly, with great respect and appreciation, let us congratulate the successful Chairmanship of China Huarong, KAMCO and SAM for the past several years. Indeed, the development and expansion of IPAF are the transparent reflection of your tremendous dedication and contribution.

 We may recall that IPAF was a great idea proposed in the "Global Financial Economic Challenges Conference" in Hanoi, Vietnam hosted by ADB, Vietnam Ministry of Finance and KAMCO in April 2012. After roughly four years of operation, IPAF has gradually illustrated itself as a friendly platform where regional AMCs may exchange knowledge and know-how in NPL and distressed assets resolution and management; where policy makers, practitioners and experts in the field share ideas in solving current issues of Asia financial market and establishing stronger legal framework for operating NPL/NPA market both nationally and regionally.
We, general and associate members of IPAF, have witnessed the achievement of IPAF during the past several years, including constant increase in number of members; diversification and effectiveness of IPAF annual activities; intimately cooperation among nations in terms of knowledge sharing; initially undertaking the mission of IPAF as a component of the financial safety net against Asian crisis and setting up foundation for sustainable development of regional NPL/NPA market.

Considering the arising challenges that Asian emerging markets are currently facing, namely the shuffle of investment cash flows among economies, the depreciation of Asian currencies against the US dollar, the slowdown in GDP growth in the PRC and the potential risks in financial markets, coupled with adverse political uncertainties, the outlook of NPL/NPA issues is still a nuisance for across Asia. This is an enormous challenge not only for Asian economies in general but also IPAF members in particular. As a result, public AMCs continue to play an inevitable role in revitalizing and supporting domestic financial systems so as to contribute to the stability of regional economy.

So far, IPAF has devoted considerable effort to narrow the gap in development level of NPL/NPA market between Asian nations to facilitate cooperative investment and mutual support in NPL/NPA management. This is one of the most significant issues that Vietnam Government and some other Asia Governments has been devoting attention and showing huge interest in promoting the establishment and development of an organized NPL market. Apparently, the orientation and knowledge sharing from well-established NPL/NPA markets like China, Korea and Thailand are crucial for other developing nations in Asia, especially for Vietnam and some other IPAF associate members. This knowledge sharing mechanism will nurture the development of regional NPL/NPA market and enhance the regional financial and economy safety net.
As the 2016 - 2017 IPAF Chair, DATC, via IPAF annual activities, is eager for acknowledging the importance of "Strengthening institutional capacity for the development of NPL/NPA market and promoting the cooperation in NPL/NPA management across Asia; the vital role of public AMCs in stabilizing national and regional financial wellness; and mechanism for stimulating collaborative investment and cooperation between IPAF members in NPL/NPA management.

We hope to continue to receive generous support from ADB, former IPAF Chairs and other general and associate members, government agencies, experts and practitioners in NPL/NPA market so that we could successfully carry the role of IPAF Chairmanship and ultimately to set path for the development and innovation of IPAF in the future.

Welcome you all to Vietnam in the coming IPAF Annual Meetings.

Thank you!


Message from the 3rd Chair (2015-2016)
China Huarong Asset Management Co., Ltd.
(People's Republic of China)

Since becoming a founding member of the IPAF in 2013, China Huarong has worked closely with other member institutions in promoting the communication and cooperation between public asset management companies (AMCs) in Asia, enhancing knowledge sharing and safeguarding regional financial stability.

China's development is closely connected to that of Asia. Asian countries should stay strong together, develop mutual beneficial cooperation and achieve co-prosperity. For this reason, it is not only necessary, but also of important significance to enhance the discussion, cooperation and interaction in distressed assets and NPL resolution under the IPAF framework, in order to contribute to the safeguarding of financial market stability in Asia and around the world. In China, public AMCs have played important roles in national economy. It has worked as "stabilizer" in maintaining the sustainability of the financial system, as "firewall" 
in preventing and mitigating financial risks and as "fire brigade" in handling financial crisis. This works in line with IPAF's vision to "reinforce an economic safety net for the wellness of the Asian people and their governments." Economic and financial security is the precondition for Asian countries to achieve economic prosperity, ensure political stability where its people can live in peace and harmony. In this sense, it is our common aspiration to construct an IPAF with a broader basis for cooperation. By working under the IPAF framework, we can achieve greater success by responding to market demand, grasping opportunities in economic transition and industrial upgrading process. 

As a founding member of the forum, China Huarong has always been fully supportive and actively participated in a variety of activities of IPAF. As its third Chairman, China Huarong successfully hosted the IPAF Summit & Conference in Beijing in 2015 and the Financial Stability Seminar on Managing NPLs in Asia & Europe in Shanghai in 2016. Both events contributed to building a well-ordered asset management market in Asia.

Meanwhile, through various IPAF conferences and seminars, we wish to actively discuss 
IPAF's planning and strategy in the future and further enhance communication and cooperation between member institutions, reinforce capacity building of public AMCs, improve IPAF's  platform construction, and promote international cooperation between public AMCs across the region.

In the future, China Huarong will strive to enhance exchange and communication with member institutions, expand 
IPAF's  regional influence, jointly open a brighter future for regional distressed asset market and contribute to the sustainable economic development and financial stability in Asia.


Message from 2nd Chair (2014-2015)
Sukhumvit Asset Management Co., Ltd. (Thailand)

Mr. Chookiat Jittimaitriskul
Sukhumvit Asset Management (SAM) Co., Ltd.

Since SAM has become a general member of IPAF in year 2013, SAM has been proud to be a part of regional cooperation among Asian Public AMCs. SAM believes that IPAF shall be a significant step towards strengthened Public AMC networks, which lead to the growth of local economies and financial stability across the region.

From last year's IPAF training and seminar-on the topic of NPA/NPL Management, Methods, and Practices-SAM received various approaches on frameworks and financial instruments, which would be benefit SAM's working process in the future.

For the year 2014, SAM is delighted and honored to be the host of the 2nd IPAF Summit and Conference. It is indeed an honor for SAM and for me. We promise that we shall try our best to create the upcoming conference in Bangkok a success; however, we believe that it cannot be accomplished without the cooperation from every general member and ADB.

Under the vision of "To reinforce an economic safety net for wellness of the Asian people and their governments", IPAF, together with ADB, continuously provides the opportunities to share knowledge and expertise among members and international financial institutions through training and seminar courses all year in 2013. Every part of knowledge sharing is very helpful and has given us the valuable means to prevent and protect the uncertainties that may arise.

Although the global economy has shown signs of picking up over the past year,uncertainties such as political crisis, fiscal policy or weaker currencies still exist. This is why we need to prepare ourselves for the New Economic Horizon. The upcoming conference in Bangkok will create the opportunity to focus on the financially integrated Asia and healthier developed economies and discuss more the economic recovery outlook, risks and impacts, and prospects for Asian emerging economies. The forum also aims to discuss the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) as part of the investment opportunities in Asia and the impact of AEC in the region after its implementation in 2015.

We hope that the Bangkok IPAF 2014 Conference will help fulfill IPAF's objective to create a productive knowledge sharing and promote common interests among members and others public AMCs and private sector across the region.

I look forward to meeting you all personally in Bangkok.

Sincerely yours

Message from the 1st Chair (2013-2014) and 5th Chair (2018-2019)
Korea Asset Management Corporation
(Republic of Korea)

Mr. Chang-Yong Moon 
Chairman and CEO
Korea Asset Management Corporation


On behalf of KAMCO, I would like to thank you for your interest in IPAF and ask you to accept my warmest greetings from Seoul.  

Since its successful inception in May 2013, IPAF has been steadily growing in membership of 12 public institutions in Asia and gaining global importance. The ardor displayed by all the member institutions for the past years has enabled us to work toward achieving the vision and mission of IPAF: an effective regional economic safety net by contributing to the stability of regional economies through cooperation and partnership, and sharing knowledge and expertise among members. 

Although that is the case, IPAF is currently at a critical juncture following its successful path and we must stand together to look for solutions to immediate problems as well as create preventive measures to safeguard against future crises. I fully believe that we must actively and positively direct our efforts to expand the membership and deepen our activities so that other economies in the region as well as other continents facing similar challenges would tangibly reap the benefits of knowledge and experience sharing through IPAF. 

A greater number of IPAF of accredited institutions would lead to greater variety of experiences and knowledge that can be shared among members to substantially further IPAF's goals of stability and economic growth as an economic safety net. In order to expedite both this goal and all of the other tasks that must be surmounted this year and beyond, I would appreciate if you pay continuous attention to the future direction of IPAF and ask you to provide us any assistance and guidance that would help ensure IPAF's successful progress moving forward. 

As always, thank you for your support and I hope you will join me in a commitment to a more prosperous future for all of our countries.